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Where is Bear (Hardcover)/ 熊在哪儿(精装) 

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Guess, which bear is the boy looking for? At the beginning of the story, the little boy was muttering to himself in distress-"Where is bear?" He lowered his head, pouted his butt, and checked cabinets, drawers, toilets, sofas... and demonstrated basic English to the readers. In this way, the usage of locality words and interesting English are unfolded in front of young readers. While the little boy is looking for it, a big naughty bear always appears in the corner, like playing hide-and-seek with the little boy. Is this bear what the little boy is looking for?
"Oh, the bear is there!" At this time, the reader understood that what the little boy was looking for was a stuffed toy bear. He was delighted to find that the fluffy bear was hiding under the carpet. Should the story end here? Not yet! The big bear appeared, and the little boy turned around and put the little bear he had found so hard in his hands—"I found him, Theodore, the bear is here!" It turned out that the little boy endured the sleepiness and was about to cry, in order to help the big bear find the fluffy bear. The one who has to sleep with the toy bear is actually a big bear! Now we can finally sleep. 

Size: Est. 25.5cm (L) 25.5cm (H)


尺寸:Est. 25.5cm(长)25.5cm(高)