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Wake Up City (Hardcover)/ 早安城市(精装)

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Busy daily life makes the changing world appear as gray to adults, but in the eyes of children, the world is still full of beauty and magic. "Good Morning, City" depicts a beautiful picture of the city in the early morning. A little girl walks on the way to school holding her father's hand. "All knowledge is awakened at dawn." In the eyes of the little girl, the whole city is still asleep, the sun slowly rises, and subtle changes occur in every corner of the city. The night gradually faded, and the surroundings became brighter and brighter. Cleaning trucks were cleaning the streets, morning exercisers began to run, shops opened... The city opened a new day, and the little girl also began a day of learning and playing.

"Good Morning, City" is a bilingual picture book suitable for children over 3 years old to learn English & Chinese expression. It uses rhyming dialogues and anthropomorphic narrative tone, using onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors, rhythmic changes and other English rhetoric. The illustrations with clean and clear lines and subtle changes in details portray the process of dawn in the eyes of the little girl in a simple and lifelike, yet full of joy. While feeling the wonderful changes in the city from sleep to dawn, children learn complete and vivid English expressions. Every two clauses in the book rhyme and are catchy, and there is an English audio QR code on the back cover. Scan the code with a mobile phone, which is convenient for children to read.

Size: Est. 22.5cm (L) 29cm (H)



尺寸: Est. 22.5cm(长)29cm(高)