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The Only Lonely Panda (Hardcover)/ 我想和你交朋友(精装)

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The only lonely panda, is a Chinese-English bilingual picture book suitable for children aged 3-6 and their parents to read. The original version was introduced from Little Tiger Publishing House and was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award in 2018. The wonderful translation was contributed by children's book translator Fan Xiaoxing. The panda in the story ate bamboo alone in the depths of the bamboo forest. In order to make friends with another panda, he imitated flamingo dancing, imitating lemur jumping, walking like blue feet, and even made a peacock-like tail out of bamboo. But all these efforts seem to be in vain. Finally, when he shared the delicious bamboo leaves with her, they became the best friends.

Whether it is the elegant and bright painting style, the concise and smart text, or the thought-provoking story, this book has extremely high literary aesthetic value. Adults and children will feel and be inspired by a smile. Young readers can intuitively appreciate the collision and fusion of Eastern and Western art in reading, can imitate and search with the naive pandas, feel the warm ending and be suddenly enlightened, and can also recognize the bright and precious rare animals, scan the QR code listen and read. 

Size: Est. 29cm (L) 23cm (H)

这是一本适合3-6岁儿童与父母亲子阅读的中英双语绘本。原版引进自Little Tiger出版社,于2018年获凯特·格林纳威大奖提名,由童书译者范晓星奉献精彩的译文。故事中的熊猫在竹林深处孤零零地吃竹子,他为了和另一只熊猫交朋友,模仿火烈鸟跳舞、模仿狐猴跳跃、像蓝脚一样走路,甚至用竹子做了一个孔雀那样的尾巴,可这一切努力似乎都白费了。终于,当他与她分享美味的竹叶时,他们成了*好的朋友。

尺寸:Est. 29cm(长) 23cm(高)