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Read Aloud Classics (30 Books Supported by Smart Learning Pen)

RM 129.00

Classic stories around the world, introduce children to diverse genres and, to build visual, listening, and verbal skills. The story books include introductory page with beautiful illustration to encourage children to discuss and predict the story before start reading it and, provides support to educators and parents with various reading prompts.

★ Pinocchio ★ The Crowded Hut ★ The Ugly Ducking ★ The Lion and The Mouse ★ The Little Red Hen ★ The Ant and The Grasshopper ★ City Mouse and Country Mouse ★ Rapunzel ★ The Elves and The Shoemaker ★ Chicken Little ★ The Boy Who Cried Wolf ★ The Three Little Pigs ★ Rip Van Winkle ★ Stone Soup ★ The Gingerbread Man ★ How The Turtle Cracked Its Shell ★ The Blind Man and The Elephant ★ The Bremen Town Musicians ★ Arachne The Weaver ★ The Wind and The Sun ★ Tow Sawyer Paints The Fence ★  Dog and Hills Reflection ★ Hercules and The Stables ★  The Lion and The Rabbit ★ The Three Billy Goats Gruff ★ Why Owl Has Big Eyes and Rabbit Hops ★ Why The Sea Is Salty ★ Demeter and Persephone ★ Jack and The Beanstalk ★ The Enormous Turnip 

Size: Est. 15cm (L) 15cm (H)

Note: Supported by Quway Smart Learning Pen (Learning pen needs to be purchased separately)