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Quway Smart Learning Pen Set/ 趣威AI智能双语点读配套(第三代)

RM 299.00

LIMITED TIME OFFER (FREE Base Support and Recording Stickers!)

Quway smart learning pen is a smart pen set, comes with English-Mandarin bilingual encyclopaedia and 80 pieces of flash cards, the learning pen can read more than 2,000 English and Mandarin original books, fun and vivid audios from smart learning pen can bring more reading pleasure for children which makes learning fun and enjoyable. 

Note: Quway smart learning pen is able to read both English and Mandarin language books, however it's interface language is only available in mandarin. For further information, kindly contact customer service

Size: Est. 38cm(L)*7cm(W)*30cm(H)   



尺寸:Est. 38cm(长)*7cm(宽)*30cm(高)