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Peppa Pig English-Chinese Storybooks (8 books/ Set) 小猪佩奇教你说英语(全套8册点读版)

RM 71.90

Interesting Peppa pig storybooks, not only ordinary books that can be read but, also to watch, to listen or sing along with QR scanning or smart reading pen, it comes with 8 books in a set with 8 stories. 

# Danny's Pirate Party # Grampy Rabbit's Dinosaur Park # Pedro the Cowboy # School Camp # The Balloon Ride # Sun, Sea and Snowflakes # Flying on Holiday # Snowy Mountain 

Size: Est. 22.5cm (L) 23cm (H)

Note: Supported by Baby Tadpole Smart Learning Pen (Learning pen needs to be purchased separately)


尺寸:Est. 22.5cm (长) 23cm (高)