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My Bilingual Situational Game Book (3 Books/ Set) 我的双语情境游戏大书(全套3册)

RM 85.00

A shockingly large book (68cm length & 47cm height) with interesting scenes, a cognitive book full of surprises and full of stories, an attractive book for parent-child interaction, which improves children's concentration, cognition and imagination in the game, educational bilingual enlightenment, nearly 1,000 vocabularies for children to accumulate English & Chinese words. 

A free silicone sticker that can be pasted repeatedly, use good stickers to make English & Chinese learning interesting, a great value comes with supporting audio, use good vocabulary audio guidance, so that children have standard pronunciation since childhood. Rounded corner design, green printing, a healthy and thoughtful gift for children. Suitable for 0-9 years old.

Total 3 books, World, Home and Animals. 

Size: Est. One piece at 34cm (L) 47cm (H) & Two pieces at 22.5cm (L) 30.5cm (H) 

Note: Supported by Baby Tadpole Smart Learning Pen (Learning pen needs to be purchased separately)  




尺寸:Est. 一本34cm (L) 47cm (H) 和两本22.5cm (L) 30.5cm (H)