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Good Night Owl (Hardcover)/ 晚安,猫头鹰(精装)

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Owl was about to go to bed, and he said to himself: "Good night, Owl!" But every time he just closed his eyes, he heard a strange cry in the room: squeek! The owl opened his eyes and looked for the source of the sound in the room. Owl rummaged through the cabinets, bookshelves, and the floor. Can he find out the strange noise and sleep at ease...? The owl will never sleep unless he can figure out what's going on! "Good Night Owl" is produced by Disney. The author of the book, Gregg Pizzoli, is a painter and writer and has a master's degree from the University of the Arts. His first picture book "Watermelon Seeds" won the Theodore Gezersus Award.

Size: Est. 21.5cm (L) 26.5 (H)


尺寸:Est. 21.5cm(长)26.5cm(高)