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Bigger than Yesterday, Smaller than Tomorrow (Supported by Learning Pen)

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Adventure is not far away as the little-miss-independent girl sets up camp, climbs trees, and talks to hooting owls… ‘with Dad’s help’. As night approaches, Hannah starts to feel ‘smaller than tomorrow’; a common reaction amongst young children when suddenly faced with the unfamiliar. Worries are quelled with a touch of humour and a warm, fluffy embrace… and Hannah knows she’s not the only one who needs it, even if the distance is ‘smaller’ than she thinks.

With a suitable mixture of narration and dialogue, along with the gentle illustrations, this book emanates a strong sense of homeliness and reassurance that young children will quickly respond to. Bigger than Yesterday, Smaller than Tomorrow opens up pathways to conversations about feelings of growing up yet still being small. It encourages some risk-taking and autonomy with the comfort of knowing there is safety and a place of belonging that is never too far away.

Size: Est. 24cm (L) 24cm (H)

Note: Supported by Quway Smart Learning Pen & Baby Tadpole Smart Learning Pen (Learning pen needs to be purchased separately)