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Animal Babies (Supported by Learning Pen)

RM 50.00

Beautiful pop-up book with animal names from A to Z, each spread includes four lift-the-flap or pull-tab letters and four wondrous pop-up scenes. Fun animals sound and music recorded with use of smart learning pens. 

Size: Est. 30cm (L) 18.5cm (H)

Note: Supported by Quway Smart Learning Pen & Baby Tadpole Smart Learning Pen (Learning pen needs to be purchased separately) 

精美的立体书,动物名称从 A 到 Z,每幅都包括四个翻盖或拉片字母和四个奇妙的弹出场景,点读版录制多个有趣的动物声音和音乐。

尺寸:估计 30cm(长)18.5cm(高)