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ABC Nursery Rhymes (Learning Pen Supported)/ ABC童谣(点读版)

RM 32.90

ABC nursery rhymes come with 3 books a set, with 27 classic nursery rhymes, 30+ original music, 103+ role dubbing, 107+ contextual reading and fun games for your children to learn their ABC. 

Size: Est. 25cm (L) 23cm (H)

Note: Supported by Quway Smart Learning Pen (Learning Pen needs to be purchased separately)

ABC 童谣一套 3 本,包含 27 首经典童谣、30 多首原创音乐、103 多个角色配音、107 多个情境点读和有趣的游戏,让您的孩子轻松投入的学习 ABC。

尺寸:Est. 25cm (长) 23cm (高)


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