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Power of Love (4 Books/ Set)

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These books encompasses the basic elements of life; growth, emotions, love and society. It comes with beautiful illustrations, rhyming but yet powerful words which are appealing and inspiring! The young readers will be enlighten about life and love. 

1. This Love
Love is a language, understood and shared by people all over the world. Whether we read quietly with someone we love or play on the beach with friends from all over the world, our love for each other is the same.

2. As We Grow
No one knows what will happen ahead, or what kind of person they will become, It's part of growing up -- and part of the journey...
In this stunning picture book, Richard Jones' fascinating illustrations sensitively portray every stage of life and the journey of transformation we have experienced as we grow up.

3. We Are Together
This is a book about the power of love and friendship. We live in the same world. Together, we can pursue our dreams and change the world together. Because of friendship and love, we are a team to face the world together.

4. Feelings
Everyone’s emotions, sadness, joy, anger, jealousy, excitement, fear, and calmness make you immersed in a scene. Everyone is different and their emotions are different. Try to walk into the world of others and feel their possibilities. There will be emotions, although emotions cannot be seen, but feelings are real and strong.