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Baby Sparkler (8 Board Books/ Supported by Learning Pen)

RM 95.00

Spark young children's imaginations with this gorgeous board book filled with bright, bold illustrations and simple text that little ones will really enjoy. It comes with 8 board books in a set, with simple baby words, attractive and colourful illustrations, helps to stimulate baby's senses.  

# Splash! : What's your favorite thing that goes splash? Bathtubs, boats, ducks, and more things that get wet.

# First Words : In this board book, babies will learn about 10 important first words, from kite and bottle to shoes and apple.  

# Opposites : It helps baby to get to know the difference between big and small, slow and fast, short and tall, baby will love learning them all! 

# Woof! : Which animal is your favourite? Sparkly animals go "woof," "roar," "moo," and more in a fun way.

# Colors: Babies will learn about 10 vibrant colors, from blue and pink to yellow, purple, and more. 

# Zoom! : What's your favorite way to get around? Explore sparkly vehicles--including strollers, diggers, planes, trains, and more in this fun book. 

# Numbers : In Numbers, babies will learn about their numbers from one to ten in this number-filled sparkly book. 

# Bang! : What's your favorite noise? Discover some sparkly instruments (and the sounds they make), including a rattle, violin, drum, and more.

Size: Est. 22cm (L) 13.5cm (H) 

Note: Supported by Quway Smart Learning Pen & Baby Tadpole Smart Learning Pen (Learning pen needs to be purchased separately)